It is an option still not widespread in our country, but in other places it is another solution when looking for a home.

When we talk about living on a boat we all think of the sailors who spend months and months outside the house inhabiting tiny cabins and walking on land only when they dock in a port.

It is becoming less and less strange to find in our ports people who inhabit a boat all year round, who remains always docked on the dock.
This option occurs more frequently in other countries, such as the Netherlands, in ours it is still something new and without many followers although more and more.

In short, the differences between a boat and a house are minimal, the boats are designed so that their crew can reside in them comfortably for long periods and anyone has the minimum conditions.

Of course, to live on a boat the first condition is that the resident likes the sea. Even if you do not plan to travel on the vessel in which you live must be able to tolerate the small discomforts of life at sea: the movement according to the rhythm of the waters, the smell of saltpeter can be annoying, ports carry a logical bustle to which you have to get used to it, etc.

First of all we will point out that living on a boat can be cheaper than buying a house. The prices of the boats vary a lot depending on their type but in general you can find many of affordable price. In addition, we do not even have to buy a boat, we can rent it, as if it were a house.

The fixed costs of living on a ship are basically the mooring of the port, which is the fee that a port charges to the vessels stranded on it. Within this cost, water and electricity are usually included.