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If you are a water sports enthusiast, and you have a Paddle/ Wind Surf board or a Kayak, you want to enjoy your favorite sport with the peace of mind that you are fully protected. With your Yachtsman Policy you can be sure your board is covered for all possible accidents in and out of the water.

Yachtsman is an exclusive product and has been designed to offer you the best cover that suits the needs of our customers.

Policy Benefits

  • Extended Third Party cover from 500.000€ to 6,500,000€.
  • Total loss and damages
  • Accidental damages
  • Theft
  • Negligence or malicious act of any person
  • Accessories
  • Rescue
  • Personal accident / Medical cover


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Optional covers available

  • Personal effects
  • All your boards can be included in one policy

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Yachtsman policy is a tailor-made product and cover all the special customers’ requirements.


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